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MAN is one of the leading industrial enterprises in the German engineering industry. MAN produces some of the world’s finest trucks and buses. With a history dating back over 250 years, MAN’s knowledge and truck manufacturing expertise are unbeatable.

Originating in Germany in 1758, MAN remains at the forefront of global truck design and innovative transport solutions. Reliable, ergonomically-designed and efficient, MAN’s Truck and Bus range are also some of the most technologically-advanced vehicles on the commercial truck and bus market.



“St. Antony“ ironworks commenced operation in Oberhausen as the first heavy industry enterprise in the Ruhr region


The “Gute Hoffnung” (Good Hope) iron works commenced operation in Oberhausen.


Rails supplied for the Rosendahl coal track, Germany’s first horse-powered railway.


Establishment of “Sulzer-Escher Wyss” works in Zurich


The three ironworks St. Antony, Gute Hoffnung and Neue Essen merged to form Hüttengewerkschaft and Handlung Jacobi (Iron Mining and Trading Company), Oberhausen.


Companies were established in both Augsburg and Nuremberg.

1893- 1897

The principles of the compression ignition combustion engine were developed by Rudolph Diesel and both construction and testing were carried out at the MAN works in Augsburg, Germany.


Two of four engines that were built for exhibition and demonstration purposes were made in MAN plants in Augsburg and Nuremberg.

The majority of all heavy good vehicles across the world are still powered using diesel engines based on the original design.


Truck-building activities first commenced at Büssing.


Vereinigte Maschinenfabrik Augsburg und Maschinenbaugesellschaft Nürnberg A.-G., Augsburg were renamed to Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg AG, Augsburg (M.A.N.)


The First World War led to a loss of key foreign branches and patent rights as well as production facilities.


The first diesel engine truck with direct fuel injection plus the first low-frame omnibus were produced.


Development work began on exhaust-gas turbochargers for diesel engines.


Development of the all-wheel drive for utility vehicles began.


During the Second World War, there was a large loss of all foreign operations and heavy war damage. The Allied Forces took control of all GHH companies.


The first German diesel truck with exhaust gas turbocharger was produced.


MAN truck plant opened in Munich.


MAN acquired the old and respected name of Bussing whose trademark lion still forms a part of the MAN truck and bus division logo today.


The first heavy, two-stroke diesel engine with an efficiency ratio of over 50% was produced.


MAN’s remaining divisions became independent and were formed into separate companies.


The first low-floor articulated bus with continuous low-level platform was produced.


The one millionth MAN commercial vehicle rolled off the line.

MAN Automotive Imports was created after Western Star Trucks Australia acquired distribution exclusivity for all MAN products within Australia and New Zealand.

Soon after this acquisition, Western Star Trucks merged with MAN Automotive Imports.


MAN Nutzfahrzeuge launched its new engine generation, the D20 Common Rail.


The market launch of the TGS and TGX in the heavy-duty series (Truck of the Year 2008).


MAN celebrated its 250th anniversary, making it one of the world’s oldest industrial companies.


MAN Nutzfahrzeuge changed its name to MAN Truck & Bus AG;

Volkswagen AG became MAN‘s majority shareholder.


MAN Truck & Bus Euro VI, exhaust-gas technology for trucks and coaches, was presented in Germany.


MAN Diesel & Turbo presented the first cylinder version of the new high-speed engine family at the maritime trade fair SMM in Hamburg, Germany.

MAN Truck & Bus presented the new top truck model TGX D38 with an innovative D38 six-cylinder inline engine.


With a history of more than 250 years of formation and development, MAN Truck & Bus is now a world-class manufacturer with leading technology products that bring high efficiency and economy. Takes you further for less.


✔ Buses and special vehicles

✔ Construction machinery

✔ Agricultural machinery

We develop, produce and distribute innovative products of excellent quality for a wide range of applications. Apart from use of our engines in our Group-owned trucks and buses, we also support our customers with a broad portfolio of engines for commercial vehicles, for power generation and cogeneration, as drives in agricultural machinery, rail, water and special-purpose vehicles, including individual and customized solutions.

MAN engines for a wide range of applications

MAN Engines offers a wide range of efficient diesel and gas engines with a power range from 37 to 1,471 kW (50 to 2,000 HP) between 4.6 and 25.8 litres displacement and numerous axles and transfer cases for a variety of uses.

✔ Engines for railway applications

✔ Marine engines for yachts, sports boats, commercial shipping and auxiliary engines

✔ Diesel and gas power generation


Our heart beats for engines: At MAN Truck & Bus SE’s international engine competence center, we are concerned exclusively with ensuring that engines run as efficiently and durably as possible

International engine competence center Nuremberg
The entire MAN Truck & Bus SE engine know-how concentrated at one location: Around 4,000 experienced employees dedicate all their energy to the development, design and production of MAN engines, right through to sales and after-sales. On a plant area equivalent to 50 football pitches, short distances ensure efficient cooperation and a rapid exchange of experience – which is ultimately reflected in the quality of MAN engines.
Engine test

By manufacturing selected core components of our engines on site, we additionally ensure product quality and security at the highest level. Prior to series production, all engine lines are extensively tested on modern test benches – In addition, they are field-tested under everyday conditions and optimized for real- world use.

Function test
Each engine is subjected to a function test before leaving the factory: During the hot test, the engine successively passes through a performance, noise and leakage check. Furthermore, in 2006 MAN Truck & Bus was the first commercial vehicle manufacturer to introduce the modern cold test procedure, which tests quickly, reliably and in a particularly environmentally friendly way.


MAN Engines, as a business unit of MAN Truck & Bus and thus part of the Traton Group, benefits greatly from the large-scale production experience gained in the construction of engines for commercial vehicles. Our enabling technologies and sophisticated components secure the future of modern engine series for all original equipment manufacturers.

Solutions for every application
MAN engines stand for maximum efficiency. We realise the lowest fuel consumption, best power densities and greatest reliability with a long service life through the use of modern cutting-edge technologies. In doing so, we optimize our engines for the specific needs of our customers. MAN Engines offers tailor- made solutions for every application and thus increases competitiveness
Advanced knowledge
With around 100,000 engines produced each year, our customers benefit from sophisticated components, state-of-the-art technologies and our knowledge gained from large-scale production. This concentrated knowledge flows into the modification of our engines for the respective application and ensures their high quality.
MAN Truck & Bus is conducting intensive research into engine technologies that will sustainably reduce consumption and emissions. The permanent efficiency increase of diesel and gas engines – despite additional exhaust gas aftertreatment systems underlines the high level of MAN Truck & Bus engine competence.